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Category: Samples

The Little Prince Analysis Sample

Why do you think Saint-Exupéry choose to tell this story in such a figurative language?


In The Little Prince, Saint-Exupéry uses metaphorical language to show how each of the characters encountered throughout the story, while literally living on their own little worlds, are also figuratively living their lives in a way that isolates them from the larger part of society. In this way the universe Saint-Exupérty creates represents the entirely of human society, while each little planet or asteroid represents a small corner of the total experience available to humanity. Nevertheless the inhabitants of each small world are only concerned with the immediacy of their own surroundings. Thus, The Little Prince is a story about the effects of isolation on the mind, and the effect of curiosity about what lies outside of one’s own experiences. Read more

King Lear Character Analysis Sample

What is the Function of the Fool in “King Lear”?

King Lear Character Analysis Sample

King Lear tragedy written by William Shakespeare has entered the world literature as one of the most famous plays ever written. The foregoing discussion concerns with the function of the Fool in the tragedy, defines his impact on Lear`s world perception, and the reason why Fool disappears later. Read more