Money Back Guarantee

With, you only have to pay after your writer finishes the paper or part of it. All the necessary funds are loaded to your personal account and payments are issued, as your writer progresses.

All the funds you have loaded to your personal account are 100% refundable, provided that you have not used them for a specific order. In case you decide to cancel an order, all the payments used for it will be refunded to your account (excluding the additional service ‘Featured order’), until you proceed to the last stage/part of an order. However, only the amount that has not been paid to your writer with the help of the ‘Release’ button can be claimed back by you.

To claim your money back, you will need to press ‘Request a refund from your balance’, which is located on your personal page (‘My balance’ tab). Your money can be refunded only if your current balance is positive. After you release the final payment to the writer, the order’s status is automatically changed to ‘Complete’, at which time it is no longer possible to claim back the money.