“Write My Research Paper” – Tips for Students

If you find yourself lost in how to write research papers, don’t worry. We’ve prepared some tips for you. If you ask yourself, “How do I write my research paper,” we have the answer. Check out our guidelines and you’ll be successful in your writing.



Many students prefer to write this section last. You should include the background information, participant information and, most importantly, the results. By reading the abstract, readers should quickly identify what the study entailed and what the results were. Think about “How do I write my research paper sample with information readers will look for when they read an abstract?”

What to Ask Yourself

  • Is my abstract on a page that’s separate, between the title page and the introduction?
  • Is my abstract 120 words or less?
  • Did I write an accurate and self-contained abstract before I began to write my research paper?

When you write the abstract, express the problem under investigation in one sentence. Write about the participants in detail as it is important to the interpretation of your results. Write about the methodology employed, including procedures and materials. Include the findings with statistical significance levels. Don’t forget about conclusions and implications. If this seems too difficult for you, we suggest you use research paper services to help you.


The introduction establishing the importance of chosen topic and the overall questions you would like to explore. The introduction can provide a limited amount of background information or can lead to a literature review. The literature review should provide the information already known about the topic and identify gaps in the research to be addressed in your study. Consider using research paper services to effectively deal with writing tasks you do not want to cope with.

Your introduction can be divided into three parts: the problem under investigation, the background information, and the purpose of the study. The introduction shows the problem under investigation. Here, you can write about the purpose of the study or theoretical implications.


The introduction may lead to a discussion of previous literature with relevant findings and methodological issues. Also, include the purpose of your study. Here, you define your variables and provide your thesis statement. Sometimes, researchers save information from the introduction for the end or conclusion.


The section discussing participants usually consists of one paragraph. When you write about participants, you should answer several questions. How many participants were there? How old are they? What demographics are relevant to your study? What are the conditions of the participants?

Measures and Results

Devote one paragraph for each measure. Add the following information: the full name of the measure, where it came from, how items were measured, and sample items. Also, include all statistical results. Include both significant and non-significant results.

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