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If you apply to several colleges, you will probably use the Common Application. This means you will need to write a Common Application essay. We’ve tried to cover everything you need to know about this type of paper. However, if you decide to leave this task to a professional, you may just ask us, “write my essay for me.”


In this post, we will deal with things important for your application essay:

  • How to ask the question
  • How to meet admission officers’ requirements
  • How to select a topic effectively
  • How to avoid failure

Our post will serve as a starting guide for writing your application essay. You will get ideas for your own writing. If you still are not able to write a good paper, you can request “write my essay for me.”

It is better to start from basic tips for writing an application essay. Though not every institution asks you to write an application essay, some students were required to write a blanket personal statement. But nowadays, an essay is optional for some institutions. However, those schools may require an additional writing supplement instead of an essay.

We suggest you to send your essay to institutions even if it is not necessary for those schools. It is the best way to learn something about you as a person. Usually, it is recommended to send different essays to every school. But this will be a great waste of time, because if a school wants to know specific information about you, you will be required to write a supplement. That’s why it will be better to focus on one perfect personal statement.

Nowadays, a word limit ranges from 250 to 650 words. By the way, the online application will not allow you to submit an essay shorter than 250 words and longer than 650 words. Some institutions will allow you to send a physical copy of your paper if your essay is longer than 650 words. But we suggest you to stick to the word limit that is set. Generally, we suggest you write an essay from 500 to 650 words long. This length is perfect to develop your idea, though you don’t have space to include unnecessary details. Also, don’t forget about proofreading, as it is an important part of your writing.

An application essay leaves a lot of space for your inspiration. An admission committee wants to learn something interesting about you rather than simply see whether you answer a prompt or not. A prompt should be left open to wider interpretation. If you see that your idea doesn’t fit into one of the categories, don’t worry, as you can write almost about anything that will be interesting to your audience.

Before starting to write an essay, ensure that you are familiar with updates of essay questions. So, if you have friends who passed the application process last year, don’t think that you can use their approach this year. One of the biggest changes is that one prompt was replaced.

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