What is So Special about Letter Writing?

letter-writingLetter writing is a basic skill for any student. Despite the fact that people mostly use SMS and emails for communication, everyone eventually must write a letter. The kinds of letters are endless: business letter, compliant letter, letter of interest, cover letter, letter of appeal, apology letter, invitation letter, resignation letter, recommendation letter, reference letter, and thank you letter. Each type of letter has its own style, but all of them follow some general rules for letter writing. It has a certain format and contains factual details.

The use of paragraph writing in a letter is important, as it is in most forms of writing because it allows for the explanation of ideas or events. Moreover, learning how to write letters improves writing skills, communication skills, and social skills. In addition, it can also be persuasive in nature. Letter writing is also an art form. Moreover, it is an exercise in cultural awareness.


Besides satisfying curriculum requirements, receiving and sending a handwritten letter appeals to every person. The person receiving the letter feels excitement and pleasure in seeing matching colored stamps, looking at his or her name on the envelope, and reading an eagerly-anticipated letter from a friend. When you receive a handwritten letter, you know that someone is thinking and caring about you. Certainly, handwritten letters have their special charm. The recipient of the letter can also take his or her time to think about how to respond. Answering a letter is a different kind of process then answering a text message or an email. Letter-writing allows you to share your dreams and thoughts with another person.

letter-writing-helpIn reference to writing a formal letter, paragraph writing is important. State your purpose in the first paragraph, your main points in the body paragraphs, and then provide a summary paragraph. Avoid long and difficult words. Try to make your letter short and straight to the point. Remember that every letter should be brief and concise, containing only necessary words. You can achieve this by making every word matter.

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