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In the dark era before the Internt students had no choice, but to write every paper on their own. Then the golden era of the Internet begun, and young users, who were better at surfing the World Wide Web than most teachers, cheated at nearly every assignment. All they needed at that time was to google the topic, download a paper and print it. However, teachers soon figured this out, and plagiarism checkers were created and hard times for students returned. Luckily, now you can avoid all this suffering if you know a reliable service that provides essay homework help online. Here are some useful recommendations on how to find such a service.


How to Choose a Reliable Service

You feel that you are too tired to write the paper on your own, so you open your laptop and google “buy an essay paper,” and the search engine returns dozens of links to various academic help websites. You start looking through, but how can you choose a reliable one? Well, this is quite simple—the rules are not very different from choosing a nice piece of clothing or fresh fruit.

1) Check the exterior.

What do you notice first when you go grocery shopping? Of course, you look for fresh, clean and nice-smelling fruits and vegetables. The same thing is true about websites where you can buy an essay paper. If the company put a lot of effort in the design, it’s likely to put as much effort in everything else and maintain top quality works. And it’s simply more pleasant to work with a website that looks cool and modern, right?

2) Look through testimonials.

Ordering at the Internet can be tricky, since you don’t see and communicate directly to the providers of the commodity or service. But users have invented a great idea of dealing with this problems: commenting on goods they bough. At first this way on special forums, but then websites added comment sections, because they also benefited from honest testimonials. So look through the feedback section, before deciding on a website to order. And if a website doesn’t have one, this should serve as a wake-up call for you.

3) Check whether the money back guarantee, privacy and confidentiality policies are clear and easily accessible.

Okay, no one actually reads those long and boring “Terms and Conditions,” especially when you are in a hurry and you need essay homework help online now, but at least check whether you can find all the legal information right away. We still strongly advise you to read it when you have time, because it may save your money and nerves one day.

Why Choose EssayHelp


Now you know how to spot a good service in the pool of average ones. If you want not just good, but excellent and professional essay homework help online, you should order from And here’s why:

1) You will choose the writer on your own.

After you have filled in the order form, our expert writers start bidding for your paper. You can plan your budget by choosing the one who offers the most suitable price. Check each author’s profile, awards, average satisfaction rate and testimonials by previous customers, and decide who will write your paper.

2) Communication with your writer is direct.

No client managers, no third parties, nothing. It’s just you and the writer. Such direct communication has proved to be the fastest and most efficient way to talk to your writer. We believe that you can manage your orders on your own, and do it in the way which is comfortable for you. As a result, we decided to get rid of the “Chinese whispers” system and let you state your demands directly to your chosen author, and it worked! Orders were completed faster, authors did less amendments and clients were more satisfied.

3) Pay only after you approve the finished part.

After you have decided on a writer, your order will be automatically divided into several parts based on its length and the deadline you set. The author will send you ready parts for your approval. You can check each part using our own plagiarism checker (see the point below) and make sure the text meets your demands. Only after confirming that you are satisfied with this part will you be asked to pay for it.

4) Check your order using our plagiarism checker and request amendments if necessary.

We know how important text uniqueness is, so we have designed a free plagiarism checker for you to use any time you need. If you detect any signs of plagiarism, which is highly unlikely (however, no one is perfect), you can always ask for free amendments. Just remember to do this before you approve each part, and specify your instructions clearly and give your author some time. When you are placing an order, it’s better to add two or three extra days before the deadline, so your author will have time for correcting.

5) Tell the world your opinion.

We love it when our customers not only rate the work, but also leave a testimonial, and we are willing to make everything so that you will be a satisfied returning client. If you have any questions or troubles, contact our support team, which is online 24/7. Testimonials are also better than simple ratings, because you can give specific details. For example, your author was great at writing a literature essay, so your testimonial stating this information will help a person who needs to buy an essay paper on literature to find the right author.

6) Your personal information is secure and safe.

We understand students’ concerns about information leaks, which can ruin their reputation. Don’t worry, we employ the best security specialists, so your profile information, including real name and e-mail, is always protected.

Put aside your hesitations, place an order and let us prove why we are called the best service in the UAE.