The Secret to Writing the Perfect Academic Essay

Essay writing is among the most common tasks for every college student. The essay is a reflection of how well you understood the material, how much effort you put into studying the topic, and how you choose the material for your essay. No doubt, your essay has to be well written so that your teacher can easily follow your ideas.


There are eight main steps to writing a good academic essay. They are:

  • Analyzing your assignment
  • Gathering information by reading and research
  • Noting where the information comes from
  • Developing your thesis statement
  • Organizing the material
  • Drafting your essay
  • Revising your essay
  • Editing and proof-reading your essay

If you look at the purpose of the academic essay, you can define three main types:

  1. Descriptive – describes a person, place or event.
  2. Expository – explains a concept or theory.
  3. Argumentative – presents an argument through reasoning and the use of evidence.


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