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When students get writing assignments, they usually don’t know where to begin. Even if they craft a good outline, it can be difficult for them to come up with a starting point. The introduction can be considered as the most important part of your essay. Most students need help writing introduction, essay will not be good without a catchy beginning.


A good introduction should encourage readers to read further. We’ve prepared some tips that can help writing introduction, essay will be interesting to read.

  • A student has only one chance to make a good first impression. If it is really good, your readers will be encouraged to continue reading. Don’t begin with an obvious definition, you should surprise your audience.
  • Once your grab readers’ attention from the first sentence, you should continue to include interesting arguments to make readers enthusiastic about reading the whole essay. There are some methods that can help you grab readers’ attention. For example, you may include a quote of an expert.

If you decide to include a quote, select the one that fits the topic. If your topic needs some personal opinion, a quote will be a good way to start your essay. That quote should be linked to the rest of your paper. Also, you may begin with an anecdote. It is always interesting to read a story. One more way to open your essay is to ask a question. If a question is interesting to a reader, he or she will read further to find out the answer.

A good introduction describes a scene. You should try to draw a clear picture in readers’ minds. Visualize your introduction. It should be clear and vivid. While writing, use active voice. Also, you may begin with a fact that is not obvious. The fact should be interesting in discovering what else you have to offer. A great method to open an essay is to use statistics that makes arguments trustworthy. You should ensure that you use a relevant source and present a proper reference.

  • Any topic has two points of view, and you should choose one. You should clarify your stance. The main thesis should be proved as truthful. The opposing arguments should be mentioned as well. Sum it up in one sentence while writing an introduction. The body of your essay will be dedicated to elaborating the counter-arguments.
  • If you describe a problem that requires a solution, present brief information about the problem in the introduction. Write a thesis statement that can serve as a bridge between that information and possible solutions.
  • Don’t write an endless introduction that leads to nowhere. Get rid of parts that seem unnecessary for your introduction. Don’t circle around the main point.
    If you don’t know how to start writing, begin with the body of your paper. After you come up with your arguments, it will be easier to mention them in your introduction.
  • Ensure that you improve your introduction after you complete your essay. You may add more information, or fix some points.
  • If to talk about the whole paper, and not just introduction, you should proofread it after finishing writing.

Professional Essay Writing Help for High School Students


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