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If you feel that you need help with essays, check out the strategies below. They can make the writing process easier.


1. Set a Schedule

Remember that completing tasks usually take longer than you expect. Break the assignment into small tasks. Make a list of the writing tasks, such as choosing a topic, writing a thesis statement, conducting research, making an outline, writing the first draft, revising, formatting references, and proof reading. Estimate how much time each task may take according to your own writing style.

2. Understand the Question

If you have been given a topic, find out as many details as possible to create the content that is expected. Check journal articles, ask for needed clarification from your teacher, and brainstorm in order to find interesting ideas.

3. Conduct Initial Research

Scan the relevant literature to see how much material is available. While conducting research, keep in mind a possible thesis statement.

4. Develop an Outline

You should make a skeletal outline or a mind map to keep on track. Keep in mind both the content and structure of your essay. The essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion.

5. Complete the Research

When you look for information, use index cards, recording one idea per card. Read the information critically, evaluating the relevancy. Possible sources include books, journal articles, TV, college notes, and radio shows.

6. Write the First Draft

Gather your notes and outline and start writing. Try to write one idea per paragraph. Be concise and use logical transitions. You need to create a coherent argument or approach.

7. Revise Your Draft

Reread your draft and delete unnecessary information. Be critical of words and phrases used. If you need help with essay writing, ask a friend to read and critique your draft.

8. Proofread Your Draft

Proofread and edit your essay. Pay special attention to your grammar and punctuation.

9. Submit Your Paper.

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