How Do I Write My Essay Conclusion?

If you are a student, you should know that the introduction and conclusion are the most memorable parts of your essay writing. Scientists have proven that the human mind remembers only the beginning and the end of disclosed information. That’s why a student that wants to produce a good essay should pay great attention to the introduction and conclusion.


What role does the conclusion play in an essay?

A conclusion:

  • Structures content.
  • Highlights the main points.
  • Makes brief, but succinct conclusions.
  • Gives an answer to the main question of the abstract.
  • Shows a brief result of the practical and theoretical part of writing.
  • Makes the overall impression about the paper.

Instruction for Writing Conclusions

This instruction is designed to ensure that students don’t get lost in the quantity of information and don’t forget about important points. So, to write the conclusion:

  1. Go back to the purpose of the essay, and again make sure what kind of questions should be answered.
  2. Before making conclusions for each part, write down the main idea of this part so it will be easier to formulate a concise conclusion.
  3. Avoid repetition of the same ideas in conclusions. The output for each section should be reworded and different from the previous one.
  4. Re-read the work once more. Verify that all the conclusions are spelled correctly and thoughts are authentic.
  5. Make sure that you really have achieved your goals and solved all necessary tasks.
  6. Avoid the usual retelling of text.
  7. Pay attention to spelling and punctuation. Everything must be properly checked so your teacher won’t be distracted by mistakes.
  8. Note that the report should be made in a scientific style for the main part.
  9. Check your essay to remove any “I” statements.

Quality writing may be achieved by every diligent student if he or she aims to follow the simple rules below.

Rule 1. Carefully read the main part of the essay, and then try to retell it. Your abstract will consist of short informative messages. Phrases that you can use in this part of writing you may find among your notes (if you made notes, that is, while collecting information for the main part).

Rule 2. It is not necessary to describe in detail the content of each chapter. The main thing is that you shouldn’t describe the essay structure, but tell about given the topic and describe the main aim of the essay. For a better understanding, the conclusion may be easily “cooked up” from the introduction and findings, just competently present information and avoid repetitions.

Rule 3. There may be few conclusions for an essay, but such conclusion should be as a whole and written in the same style – academic. If you want to describe several findings on the content and the topic, one thought has to flow smoothly into the other to avoid losing sense.

Rule 4. In the conclusion, it is not necessary to use bulleted or numbered lists, and even if you want to list some information, then it is recommended to arrange a compound sentence. But be careful and don’t overload it with colorful epithets and numerous commas.

Rule 5. If necessary, you may use terminology in the conclusion. There is no need to give extra definitions and lengthy explanations, because they all have to be present in the content of the work itself.

Rule 6. Any conclusion should have a draft that you can reread and show your teacher. A good tutor will reveal mistakes, redundant sentences and sentences that need rewriting in a flash.

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