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Indeed, why do we need history?

Here we have found a good citation on the Internet that says why every human should know history.


History is necessary in order to learn about the world, laws and trends during society’s development to expand your personal experience, enriching it with the experience of previous generations. Knowledge of history gives the opportunity to build a coherent system of concepts, a complete picture of the world, and recognize the relationship of events and phenomena.

History teaches us to think globally. Knowledge of the past helps to understand the present and predict the future. It protects individuals and entire nations from repeating committed errors. History helps to find answers to the questions that appear today. The knowledge of each individual stories of the past is a prerequisite and guarantee building a brighter future.

History is the main repository of information. All dates, events and knowledge of past centuries are carefully collected and recorded by scientists. Because of this, we can learn what was happening on our planet at any time. For example, to discover who invented the wheel and how it was created, when New York was founded or why America was called America. Without such records people would constantly forget their findings, and they would have to invent everything anew.

In addition, history – is also an invaluable experience gained by mankind over the centuries. Various time-tested laws – the culture of different countries, the development of civilization – allof this shows people today how to and how not to do, what businesses will be successful and which will end in failure. Without this experience, we will commit the same error again and again, unleash wars and have nothing to learn.

Why is there a feeling that the history of humanity is moving forward? We are constantly witnessing the repetition of certain events. The sun, the moon and all the planets move in their orbits. Life is continually born, develops, withers and dies. It is born in the spring, blooms in summer, fades in autumn and in winter falls asleep, only to be reborn again in the spring. What influenced the history of mankind? Don’t you want to learn more about it?


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