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During the whole academic year, you are required to write at least one college paper. It means a lot of work for many students. But it shouldn’t be that way. Writing a college paper is not as difficult as it may seem. The key to your success is to divide your work into smaller parts. Also, you should follow some basic tips.


If you want to write a perfect college paper, you need some useful advice, and a solid plan for your writing process. Read on and you will know how to make your writing process easier.

  • To write a college paper, you need to find a proper topic. It is better to select a topic that has been already investigated by others. In any case, you will need to spend more time for thorough research. Ask your professor to guide you in order to conduct research in the proper way.

It is also important to find an interesting topic in order not to bore your readers. Write down some questions that are interesting to you, discuss them with your professor, and formulate a topic from the most interesting one. Remember that a topic of a college paper should be interesting not only to you, but to your readers as well.

  • Use only verified sources to ensure your research is based on proven facts. Use services like Google Books, Google Scholar, and Microsoft Academic. They can help you find journals, books, and articles required for your research. Websites with endings like .edu or .gov can offer relevant sources.

Check out online libraries with detailed category lists. Resources like NSDL and NAP will be useful for you. Use encyclopedias if you want to work with some terminology. Also, encyclopedias will help you to learn some historical dates, theories, and so on. Make a list of all sources you are going to use.

  • Once you’ve found all sources, you should write a thesis statement. Don’t worry, it is not really difficult. Look at the list of sources and try to arrange them in the logical order. Include your own ideas to the list. Try to be precise while writing a thesis statement. Too lengthy sentences should be divided into shorter ones and you should avoid unnecessary adjectives and adverbs.

The main aim of your thesis statement is to explain what your paper will be dedicated to. You should demonstrate the subject of your research. Write about how you will reach your goal. Don’t forget to mention methods you are going to use for proving your point. Mention what results you are going to get.

Keep in mind that your thesis statement should be approved by your professor. He or she will tell you what should be changed in it. The completed thesis statement will be your guide for writing your rough paper outline. Create an outline and give it to your professor for looking it through as well. An outline will serve as a roadmap for your paper writing. Include subheadings to make your outline precise. In this way, you will prevent rewriting. Write the whole body of your paper according to the outline you’ve crafted. Don’t forget to proofread your paper after it is written. If you are not sure in your abilities as a proofreader, ask someone else to read your paper through.

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