Expert Help with College Essay Writing

The purpose of writing a college essay is to convince the admissions officers that you would be a good match for their college. Your essay allows the admissions board to evaluate your communication and writing skills and discover more about you as a person. The essay provides information about your history, attitudes, interests, and values.

Choosing a Topic

Choose the topic that most interests you. Remember, the college just wants to know who you are. However, you should be careful with the following essay topics: religion, epiphanies, winning or losing the big game, friendship problems, parent-bashing, simple solutions to world problems, or anything that suggests that you don’t see the world beyond high school.

College Essay Writing Tips

  1. Write a good opening sentence that will hook the reader.
  2. Add details to make the essay more interesting and richer.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.
  4. Show, don’t tell. Make your writing come alive to the reader.
  5. Start early!
  6. Read what the directions say about the essay length, but don’t just write to fill space.
  7. Always proofread before producing the final draft.
  8. Check your word choice by reading out loud.
  9. Don’t try to inject humor if you’re not funny.
  10. Remember: a college essay is not a research paper. In fact, most often students are asked to evaluate a significant experience that has special meaning. That’s a very personal question.
  11. Don’t stress too much – write what you feel.

Writing Help

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