Engaging 25 College Papers Topics

You may think: “What can be easier for a student than writing an essay?” In reality, each student faces a number of problems when writing essays. That’s why the thought, “I can’t write the essay,” frequently arises in the brain of more than 50% of students, and as a result, they look for college papers to buy.

The best college papers topics for you to choose from

So, let’s review the main difficulties in writing an essay:

1) Simply a lack of time. Often, a student’s life is scheduled by the minute. They have a lot to deal with, such as passing several tests, visiting many lessons, and even spending time to prepare for them, since having learned the material. Time is short, and yet, an abstract should also be written, and not only just one.
2) The lack of information searching skills. Since the teacher can be tricky in formulating a topic essay, it’s not always possible for students to find it on the Internet or in literature. You can always try your luck, and maybe the teacher will tell the direction to search for sources. The sources can be scientific and artistic literature, reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, etc.
3) The complexity of assembling the information. Even if a student has found the necessary information in several literary sources, it’s not always possible to properly assemble it and make it on the basis of cause and effect, so pick the main and drop the secondary, and make a classification. Very often, an essay becomes a collection of reference data, which is not compiled with chronology or logic. An essay shouldn’t be a summary of several books. It’s necessary to describe the topic on your own, basing your thoughts on information from literature.
4) Lack of imagination or a creative crisis. When the tutor assigns you an essay, sometimes you can’t even find a topic for it. In such a case, you can use our list of college papers topics.

25 College Papers Topics

Business issues:

  • Professional burnout – how to identify and avoid in the workplace.
  • Typical mistakes when constructing a job description.
  • Developing a business plan for the coffee shop, “Paradise.”
  • Information Security: the challenges of combating cyber terrorism.
  • The importance of email newsletters, and the peculiarities.

Psychology issues:

  • Instincts and abilities as genetic aspects of personality.
  • The problems of social and psychological consequences of atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the current state.
  • The crisis age periods in life: psychological study.
  • Pathopsychology: disturbance of the personal thinking component.
  • Interpersonal conflict as a clash of personalities during their relationship.

Political issues:

  • Western historical and political tradition: the concept of the middle class.
  • Political management as a science of political development trends.
  • A strong state: concept and criteria definition.
  • The basis of political ideas of ancient eastern cultures.
  • Political communication: the essence of parliamentary lobbying.

Social issues:

  • Women’s rights as basic human rights. The place of women in the modern world.
  • Virtual reality as one of the components of society’s culture.
  • The human body in culture and fashion in the last third of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century.
  • The heroes of fairy tales: who are they and why do they behave this way and not otherwise?
  • Jean Baudrillard on the phenomenon of mass communication in a consumer society.

Media and communications issues:

  • The right to privacy and freedom of speech: the right balance.
  • On the issue of political correctness in the British, American and Russian press.
  • Television advertising as a factor in the destructive impact on children as an audience.
  • Socio-philosophical problem of property rights in information.
  • Reality shows as a tool for the promotion of future settlements on Mars.

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