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Paper writing that is required in college will differ from anything that you have encountered before. Unfortunately, many students lose their writing skills before they start studying at college. That is why making the transition to academic writing can be rather difficult for many students, especially regarding writing college business papers.


Professors expect students to possess great writing skills. Students begin to face writing problems in the first semester of college. We have prepared a guide that will help you to write college business papers, to refresh your knowledge of grammar rules, and to understand why you need to improve your writing skills.

Types of Papers

Each writing style has its own purpose. You should select the style that will be appropriate for your paper and use the right strategy. We will present the overview of different writing styles in order to help you write your college business papers. You should be careful with choosing a style, as business papers differ from literature papers, for example.

If you need to write an argumentative paper, support a claim or position while using a persuasive writing approach. Write a thesis statement that introduces your topic. Your paper should contain a logical argument and relevant evidence that supports your claim. So, while writing an argumentative paper, you should:

  • Describe the central idea or position
  • Include evidence that supports your position
  • Write a conclusion that is based on your evidence.

Research papers can differ according to the purpose, and requirements that you get from your professor. You can write a research paper if you need to describe a specific method, present some results, and talk about research that has been already done in your sphere of study. Maybe you will need to combine all these approaches. Usually, a research paper consists of an introduction, review of the research literature, analysis, the presentation of the results, and a conclusion. The research questions should be clear and focused. Add previous research reports in your sources. The results that you’ve found in your sources should be analyzed. Also, you should support your thesis statement and develop the knowledge of your topic.

If you decide to write an expository paper, you will need to research an idea and provide supporting evidence. This paper consists of a thesis statement and a presentation of sources which address your idea. Expository papers have the standard structure: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This type of writing is often included in exams. To write an expository paper, you should select one of the approaches: cause and effect, compare and contrast, procedure or process. A thesis statement should present a topic, but not your opinion. Research all required information about the topic. You should present only relevant information that you have found while researching. A conclusion should connect a thesis statement with supporting information.

One more type of writing is exam writing, where you should demonstrate your knowledge of a particular topic, a concept, or even a course. A professor may require you to add components of persuasion and argument, exposition and research.

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