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An essay has many purposes, but all of them have the same structure. If you follow several simple steps, you will find that the essay almost writes itself. You just need to generate ideas, which are the most important part of the essay. These simple steps will guide you through the writing essay process:

  • Decide on the topic.
  • Develop a diagram or outline for your ideas.
  • Develop the thesis statement.
  • Write the body (with the main points, the sub-points, and elaboration on the sub-points).
  • Write the introduction.
  • Write the conclusion.
  • Revise and proofread it.

When you complete all of the paragraphs for your essay, you must give some thought to the formatting of your paper.
– Check the order of your paragraphs. Be sure your essay makes sense. If your paper is describing a process, you will probably need to stick to the order in which the steps must be completed.
– When you prepare the final draft, you be sure to follow all of the instructions you have been given.
– Revise your writing. By reviewing what you have done, you can strengthen the weak points that otherwise would be missed. Read and reread your paper.

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