A Writing Guide for a Newbie Article Writer


How does one write an article that could be really interesting and useful? For a newbie article writers post, creation can be really challenging. First, if you want your article to be successful, try to understand your target readers and find engaging and useful information for them. It does take much time to attract your target audience. Be prepared to make mistakes and to gain experience! Here are some instructions to help article writers to achieve good results.

Paper Writing Tips

  • Define your target readers. When you write a business article, staying focused is critical! The main concern here is to determine who your target customer is. Try to classify your readers into marketing segments. An intended audience might be males 30-60 years old who have their own businesses and are interested in developing business knowledge or reading some business news about the latest trends. To understand your target readers, try to picture them and give them a personality.
  • Articles are notes for quick reading and often are read by people who are busy all the time. Remember that when you’re going to write a blog post topic, if the blog is too long and uninteresting, the reader will skip it. Try to develop your title and synopsis with key points.
  • An article has a specific target audience. To be able to write good content for them, you may start to write your blog post freely, then edit it to form your main points. You might write about how some company developed its business or how to improve time management. These topics are valuable and interesting. Offering good advice avoids making your text look like it is for sale.
  • You may not realize that there are many approaches in making your text valuable! To make it catchy and interesting, add illustrative pictures. Show the reader a graphic example of your content, as it is always easier to attract attention if the customer can feel or imagine the concept you are writing about. Moreover, you can add a case study in your post to illustrate how some company solves a problem and operates in the market. If you are writing about some particular product or service, add to your post a user’s manual, video testimonials from your clients, a comparison of your product with a competitive one, or the best way to use your product or service.
  • Provide a conclusion for your post. This section should look like a brief summary of the previously written information. Moreover, you might urge a call to action. Encourage the reader to change something in his life or offer a recommendation on how to accomplish something with the help of your post.

8 Steps for an Article Writer in Writing a Post

  1. Target readers
  2. Develop an attention grabbing theme
  3. Provide a synopsis
  4. Provide valuable content writing
  5. Provide ab illustration
  6. Provide a case study or story
  7. Summarize and call for action
  8. Interact with readers

Mistakes to Avoid

– Don’t make your post complicated and long.
– Don’t forget who your target reader is while writing the article.
– Don’t place yourself in the “perfectionism” trap. An article is not a novel. Make it effective and then stop.
– “Don’t try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough.” – Arthur Freed.

To summarize, all articles should be interesting and simple. That is the best way to attract readers to the article. However, the 5 tips above will make your post even better – adding more value to your words. However, if it is still difficult for you to understand how to write a good article, you can find fast and reliable writing help at EssayHelp.ae.